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Switching from Tysabri to Ocrevus

Hello, has anyone any experience with coming off Tysabri and moving to Ocrevus. My consultant is very keen on me switching due to PML. Just wanted some advice / to hear people's experiences. Thank you 😊

I was moved from tysabri for same reason onto ocrevus (and have been on it almost 2yrs) I’ve not had any relapses since, so far so good! I’m Still dealing with the effects from my relapses though!


Hi @vicwest - I was moved from tysabri to ocrevus for similar reasons. I’ve had no more side effects with ocrevus than tysabri (mild to none for me in both cases) and the spacing out of infusions for ocrevus is more practical. No relapses in three years for me but I know it’s not the same for everyone (on either drug).