MS TROLL - A Multiple Sclerosis Journey

Hello fellow MSers, I know that I haven't posted anything before, despite been a member since 2015, but I have something special that I would like to share with you. It's MS TROLL. The idea "erupted" when I was talking with my "MS Buddy" -which I met thanks to Shift.ms, about our anecdotes with MS symptoms, diagnosis and so on. We imagined MS as a person, a troll who came to our lives just to troll us. It took us some time to put it in place but ironically, the last year covid-19 lockdown gave us enough time and energy to put everything in place. The primary idea behind each post is an illustration/comic about one of those anecdotes, I and we MSers have to deal with and a post describing what goes in my mind at the time. English is not my mother tongue (literally learned it by myself) but I hope you'll enjoy the content and illustrations. After almost 1 year from the first post, I thought that I could share it with you. I know, why now? I'm kind of a shy person and wanted to have enough fun content for you to enjoy. It does take me sometime (inspirations, mood, motivation, you know :P) to make the illustrations and write the posts, which is then read by my MS Buddy, but I'll do my best to keep it alive as long as possible. Please visit MS TROLL and I hope you'll like it: https://mstroll.com/