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CBD oil and amitriptyline

Hi all, hope you all as well as can be. Long story short, I have been trying to contact my MS nurse for 5 weeks now after having horrific nerve pain in my thigh which is reducing me to tears. I've now been put on 100mg of amitriptyline (was on 75mg) and to try that for a few weeks. In-between this time, I started CBD 10% oil last Thursday. Its absolutely disgusting but then the taste goes away after about 5mins, which I can deal with If its going to help me. Now Friday, Saturday and Sunday I felt like a new woman, no pain, no migraines 🙌 but then Monday, it's like my body reacted and relapsed (I think) mega dizzy, sickness and feeling really off. I cant find any proper research on cbd and amitriptyline, it's all very mixed stuff. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this is normal untill my body is use to it, shall I persever, have they been advised something different. I would ring my MS nurse but it may take another month to hear back 🙈 Thanks

By the sounds of it you suffer with the same pain in the same place as I do. Also on Amitriptyline for it which I take before bed. I have a natural tasting cbd oil which is fowl tasting and got my eye on a mint tasting one. Also use cbd coffee when the pain is bad. Are you on any dmt's?


I would be careful. I know mixing pot and gabapentin is not great because gabapentin makes the pot high more powerful. You know who would know is a pharmacist.