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Any MS Travelers Amongst Us?

Hi all, I am looking for some advice from any MS sufferers who have or still do a great deal of globe trotting. First of all I have always dreamed of traveling the world but as always things get in the way! However, since my diagnosis nothing else seems to matter to me but making this happen. As a reaction to this I have just booked a 2 month trip to Thailand to obtain my TEFL qualification in October and then plan on going over to New Zeland. A lot of people have called me reckless (so to be honest I am not interested in hearing any more from this kind of person) what I am interested in is any advice you would give to maintaining my health whilst away, how to tackle visa issues that might arise as a result of health issues etc. or even just inspiring stories from people have have said 'bollox' to this, packed a bag and jetted off in to the sun! :) Thanks in advance... Sophia