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After lemtrada advice

Hello all. I’m from uk. I had lemtrada in 2017 and 2018. All has been good since then. But my last MRI showed up new activity (which was evident in my legs that ms was active again). The hospital called me on a Friday to see me asap and had booked an apt for the Monday. I however flew to Sri Lanka for 3 months on that Monday. I had a phone call with them. And consultant said have fun and we will talk about treatment when you are back. Have had an email with an apt for first week I’m back. My question is….. what is likely to be offered as a new treatment. Or could it literally be any? Thank you.

Depends what stage your MS is at.. I had Lemtrada 2017 and now on siponimod. Good luck


Lemtrada is a highly effective medicine, about 75% effective. I guess you will be offered a DMT with similar efficacy. Tysabri or Ocrevus potentially. I am not sure if there is a wash out period. Hopefully someone here will help. All the best.