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Waiting on nuerologist

Hi all I had a Mri in Feb it showed several small bilateral periventricular and T2 deep white matter and FLAIR signal abnormalities and dymelation is within the differential I have problems with spinal cord as well. Symptoms started last year Numbness in leg Then I have tingling very often in different areas of body Pins and needles on occasion Very tired all the time. Constant UTI and urge to go Feeling hot a lot I don't know what to do my head is racing Has anyone had something similar on Mri

Hi @Shell26 , that sounds like my MRI results. What did your results say about your spinal cord? I expect you'll be told you have presumptive MS and you'll be scheduled for a follow up MRI. That's actually good news - if your medical system is similar to Canada's you'll be in "hurry up and wait" mode for another 6 to 12 months. BUT, you're going to find that your team is going to be much more receptive to helping you control your symptoms. I know it's crappy news, and there's no way to sugar coat it. Nonetheless, I'm thankful everyday for the reprioritization that MS brought to my life. My life is simpler now and, dare I say, more meaningful. Be well, Shell26.


@NeedMoreSleep hi. I have a prominent central canal in thoracic, cervical and lumber spine. Osteoarthritis in the neck I would just love to know what is going on just don't feel well at all