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Does anyone on here get electric shocks in their tongue? Also, I was just trying out some of the basic tests because the symptoms I was experiencing last year have been coming back over the last two weeks. The heel to toe one was pretty shocking. I know I need to go see my GP again. She is supportive but I'm reluctant too due to having such negative responses from specialists who have put my symptoms down to anxiety. It sucked as I was not functioning properly at all over a period of months but didn't get into the Neuro til later.



Hello @Sez81. That does seem a bit of an unusual symptom! All the various tests for diagnosis start with a trip to the GP, but also keep a list with a timeline of any symptoms you have. Good luck!



@Vixen thanks. Yeah went through tests last year. Specialists didn't take me seriously. GP is supportive though so I have made an appointment to see her on Monday. I think I recall maybe hearing from you last year??



Hope you get help with your electric shock symptoms. I get bad electric shocks in my hip and is so annoying and painful. Baclofen I was giving. But really didn’t agree with me the medication.Make sure your not dehydrated because I seem to get the spaysm shock when I’m thirsty. And if the shower is hot. The hot weather also causes urgh the joys. It’s sounds painful and no I haven’t experienced electric shocks on my tounge. All the best to you Sez81. Also Vixen you know so much about M S, I don’t know much at all. I admire your knowledge. It’s all quite new to me. And I hope your Sister is doing ok with her PPMS. And yourself.