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Avonex injections

Hello all, Hope you are all enjoying this sunny weather (for those in the UK). I just wanted to ask a quick question about the avonex injections. I've been doing them now for roughly 2 months. They've been ok, some aches, and a bit of slightly overwhelming tiredness sometimes. I tend to sleep through the aches now which is good. My questions is around the injections themselves. The first one I did, didn't really hurt at all - since then I feel like they've been getting progessively worse - yesterday's really hurt, particulalry when taking the needle out and then for quite a long while afterwards. Has anyone else experienced the same? I wonder whether it's in my head i.e. I know what it feels like so expect the worst? Like the second ride on a rollercoaster! Or the alternative is I'm hitting spots I've injected before? I noticed a lump on my right thigh, probably a spot that I've used before (is that normal?). If you have experienced this, have you found methods that hurt less? Like lying down?!?! Can't think of much else! Thanks as always, Nicole

Hey Nicole, I had this happen a couple of times, sometimes it was like hitting a wall of exhaustedness, but i would take those days and have a night in with a takeaway to help, although it was a bit frustrating at first. the pain from injections i put this down largely to me trying to not hit any veins, but I think there was also an element of psychological fear of it hurting. it usually didn't hurt any more than a scratch when the needle went in once i actually did it though. I think one of the best things i did was make a little map for where I aim to inject for and then kept a record of where is an ok place to inject, and where to avoid!


I don't take avonex, I do the copaxone injections. I'm not sure if it's relatable, but I was told that after the first couple of months, some people find that the injection site reactions get worse for a few months, then taper back down to what would be considered your new normal. My injections hurt for about an hour - sometimes right when the needle goes in, other times about 3-4 minutes later - but it always lasts for about an hour. Burning, some pain. A couple of times it's left a bruise or a lump. And while I'm told drowsiness is not a side effect of copaxone, I swear on injection days (M-W-F) I am more tired. I feel like a I hit a wall within 10 minutes of taking it and I don't ever really recover that day. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the day! The folks who dole out copaxone (shared solutions) gave me a great picture of a body with injection sites to mark so that I can avoid where I've gone previously & rotate the shots around (very helpful as my memory has turned to crap lately). Did anybody give you something like that? I am happy to scan in one of mine & email it to you if you want. So, I don't know if that's helpful, but that's been my experience with my copaxone injections. Not sure how similar avonex injections would feel. -Michelle