Sex life

Ever since I've been diagnosed with ms last year my sex drive is zero I rather turn over and go sleep,is anybody else like this or is it just me

Hi @scott_socco_pickworth , it could be a physical problem and/or a mental problem. @George1234 has covered both of these bases above. Yes, your GP should be able to help with some "prescription" support. But, I found that MS could undermine our "alpha male" status. It just seemed to impact on my masculinity. So, a chat with your GP, or your MS nurse, is a good starting point.


Heya Guys Isn't it much the same for females with ms? I could seriously settle for a bowl of nice soup with a crusty bun any day, any week, any month. I'm being 100% serious. And then.... For a day or two every few months all I want is sex! I actually blame how low my mood is wether that's ms related or not. And Mr @Stumbler I finally found a gp I can talk to but she's never heard of emotional lability etc.... Is that bcoz it's just not part of their 'general practice'? She just calls it 'anxiety', nothing more, nothing less. And female viagra? Does it get prescribed? Although I do believe it's the same ingredients as males but dunno if it's something women ask for (ms or not). I need brain viagra. @scott_socco_pickworth Would penis meds put you in the mood? It may 'stent' your manhood but does it mean you'd want sex? Tricky huh. Lisa ? ? xxx