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I have just recently being diagnosed with quite a few leisons on my brain and spinal cord and have suffered symptoms of ms for years (although never knew that that's what they were) but my neurologist will not diagnose ms, has anyone else had this problem? At first the neurologist wasn't going to send me for an MRI on my brain because she said there was nothing wrong really and until she got my results back was just going to discharge me!

Hi Sarah what were your symptoms?? I was recently diagnosed with MS my symptoms were dizziness and my ear was inflammed. My doctor was concerned about the dizziness and sent me for an MRI and it showed 1 lesion on my brain but nothing on my neck. I was immediatley sent for a Lumbar Puncture by the Nurologist and that confirmed I had MS. Maybe you should speak to your Nuro again and ask for a Lumbar. Best of Luck 😊


Hi @sarah_thornton, what a frustrating story to hear. How did the consultant explain away the lesions then? So, it's your right to ask for another neuro, or to be seen at another hospital. And yes, the clincher is a lumbar puncture (and various blood tests, maybe nerve conduct test) but the main one in the LP. Good luck.....