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14 years on Tysabri, what next?

Hola! We are all unique, so this may be an interesting challenge in itself... anyone else out there who has been on Tysabri for 10+ years, JC+ and now looking to move to something else because of PML risk, or made the jump already? Grateful for any guidance, thoughts, and happy to share of course!
Folkestone, United Kingdom

When i offered tysabri i didnt want to take it first it was my last day uni didnt want strong treatment Second didn't want to run oit of options at later on in life still not planning to take tysabri i hope u find a better and safer option or you know what i hope we find a cure soon inshallah who knows


Yes I did over ten years, took a two year break during the covid pandemic, nuros were too busy but had a minor relapse and got put on to kesimpta. Been on this treatment for over a year now. Less contact with the hospital as this drug is delivered to your home and you take it by yourself. Rwally easy to take. No side effect so far, am still working and am feeling good. Have to wait for my next mri to see if it is as good as tisabri was. Hope this helps with your decision, good luck 😊