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Brain Fog & Clumsy

As I new to all this, I have done some homework but nothing like asking real life people who know first hand! Does anyone else experience clumsiness and brain fog. Some days I feel like Im not as smart as I used to be, for want of a better expression. Its like my brain is on a go slow!

Hi @redhead Yes I get it a little too often, i just say I'm a space cadet! you will surprise yourself with things you do remember sometimes, don't be hard on yourself. but others will be along soon I am sure that will give you more comfort / information than myself chin up


Clumsiness and Brain Fog are both quite common ms symptoms. The clumsiness is your brain not connecting with your fingers. I have had to change all my china (Mum worked for Wedgwood for 45 years and I've got a house full) for plastic avoiding melamine cos it's not microwave proof! The brain fog is something that comes and goes, I have days when I can't do paperwork and as I sound drunk most of the time, I've been mistaken for being so on a number of occasions . You learn to live with it, but as I have had the beast for 25 years and now have spms after 23 years of rrms you shouldn't have anything to worry about but of course we are all so different that what goes for one doesn't always go for another. Work out if anything is triggering your clumsiness or brain fog, tiredness, food, booze, stress, there are so many variables that I can't say it will get bette, but once you learn what your body likes/dislikes and acting on it will help. All this takes time and we always say ms is a journey and you are only at the beginning. Don't worry because stress is a killer with ms so you aren't doing yourself any favours thinking about it all the time. Chill out, have a cuppa, tomorrow is another day😍