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Going to a yoga class next week

Hi I have booked to go to a yoga class next week! Am I crackers? Iโ€™m worried as I have balance , dizzy , heavy uncoordinated legs and Iโ€™m worried . My Physio said it would help strengthen me so I took the plunge ! But I will prob be only one with something wrong . Now Iโ€™m worried . Rachael



you go girl! sod the rest of the class, it's for you & I've found that type of controlled movement & breathing etc really works for me, enjoy it. oh plus if you're not crackers, you should try to be - it really helps :)



@rachaellouise , don't panic yourself unnecessarily. You haven't got there yet. It may not be for you, but it's nothing ventured, nothing gained. The Yoga teacher may be able to recommend a better Yoga class, more suitable for the "lesser-able" student. I used to attend a class at my local county MS Treatment Centre. They had classes which were predominantly floor-based or seated. Your local MS Treatment Centres are either Leeds or Manchester, which may be prohibitive for you.



My understanding is that, if it is 'your thing' then it's highly valuable in terms of exercise, stretching and toning gently. Enjoy!



@vixen , I found it to be my thing. I was asked to join by the only bloke in the class, as "the women kept on picking on him"! I'm always up for a challenge! lol But seriously, there is also the social interaction side of these things, which helps our self-worth and sense of belonging.



@rachaellouise Give it a go - you don't know who else is there and why. I do bodybalance a mix of yoga, pilates, balance & core with 10 minutes meditation at the end. It really helps me - the instructor always asks at the start if anyone has health issues or injuries - I normally tell if it's someone new doing the class. They ask what my issues are and if I know the alternative moves for the exercises - if not they show me what else I can do during the exercise but never in a way that is obvious - more in a You can also do this to help with XYZ way. I love that I can see how my flexibility and strength improve every week.



Hey Rachael. Happy New Year! I was told that Swimming and Yoga would be good to do and would help with balance and strength. The instructor was really helpful and there were people of all ages and abilities ๐Ÿ˜Š. I did it for a little bit but I got bored but then I like my sport and I like to talk ๐Ÿ˜Š. If your crackers, then I must be completely barmy cos I'm going back to Judo next week ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Do what makes you happy chick, any exercise is better for you than doing non ๐Ÿ˜Š. X



Youโ€™ve got this Rachel! Let us know how it goes :) My MS Nurse reccomended activities like Pilates and yoga because they are good for neuroplasticity. From what I could understand they can help your brain make multiple nerve pathways for the same movements so if one gets damaged you have back ups, plus the relaxation and self care is always a positive too! X



At first you will be off balance a lot, but I have notice after taken yoga and karate my valve has improved so much . When I get sick and need to take a brake it takes a little bit to get back up to speed on my balance, so I know if you stick with it your balance will improve just have patients with it , you will get there.



Didnโ€™t mean to say balance , lol



Sorry about the spelling , omg I will get it out ( I meant to say ur balance will improve



The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot. Have fun!



I do Pilates 1/2 times a week. My class is mostly floor based, the only problem I have is I feel so relaxed I have to stop myself from falling asleep ๐Ÿ˜‚



@hollylb10 , falling asleep is acceptable, but snoring is a definite no-go! :wink:



Omg, someone fell asleep in my Yoga class once...non of us had the heart to wake them, they were just snoring away ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด!



I do yoga 4 years now and it is the best thing i ever done for myself! I do personal class because it is better for me. Friend of mine with ms goes to class and she does what other people do and when she can not she doesn't do. But the yoga teacher knows about ms, knows her problems. Go to class, do what you can do, tell to the teacher what are your problems and everythning going to be perfectly fine! You shouldn't care what other people think or will think ;)



Iโ€™m thinking of introducing Yoga into my world. Iโ€™ve heard a lot of positive things about it and totally makes sense to try. I am def apprehensive tho as mobility isnโ€™t great and although I know a good teacher will adapt it still (in my head) is a big ish step Is Yoga best regular and can you do at home and at class.?



I did yoga 2x a week for about 5 years then during this past summer I did 3 to 4 x per week. I loved the classes, the teacher was excellent, in order to accommodate those of us with disabilities the yoga was done on a chair. I made some friends, some older, some younger than me but all into yoga together! Unfortunately I needed to take a break but I intend to go back very soon. I stopped due to intensified pain in my legs, hips and feet. It turned out that some of my pain was due to varicose veins or venous insufficiency. It took a while to find a vascular doctor but I found the right doctor who did a procedure that utilized guided ultrasound, so it was non-intrusive. Anyway pain is 90% gone so I will sign up for the next session of chair yoga. I can't wait to go back. The moral of this story is it's ok to take a break and always listen to your body, in this case the pain was not due to MS. Varicose veins are not always big, blue, ropey, ugly, visible veins it is an inherited Who knew??! I did not share all the details of the past 4 months but I was a strong advocate for myself; I still have MS but will return to exercise/yoga just to show I can. I was diagnosed in 2003/4, I walk with a cane or a walker but I still walk! 2018 is going to be a great year for all us if we maintain positive attitudes!



@rachaellouise i would say, rather than not do it, all the symptoms you list off are perfect reason to do yoga. after my onset and pretty shitty intro to MS, i had to basically walk properly again. I had vertigo, bad gait and all the fun things you mention. But to be honest, i was told the more you push (safely) the better the long term for recovery. at first, i waddled around my place, until i could go outside, and i walked as much as i could... it was only when i started going to do physio and yoga with the same trainer, that i started to progress. I must use the term "yoga" loosely, as what i started with, was mainly stretching and super basic balance techniques at first. but hey, it was exactly what i needed. anything that makes you off balance, and works your core, and pushes your limits will help. try and enjoy whatever you do, and i hope it helps improve things for you. i never imagined i could get over the issues i had. but with some hard work, and a lot of patience, and approaching a year later, I've massively improved.. i am sure you will.



after my onset and pretty shitty intro to MS, i had to basically learn to walk again. I had vertigo, bad gait and all the fun things you mention. correction*^



I have done yoga for several years and used to be in the top half of the class, since a relapse 18 months ago I am now probably at the bottom ( unless any men are there ๐Ÿ˜‚) I was very dubious about going back knowing how much worse I was but our teacher put my mind at rest, she says that it's not a competition and we shouldn't feel bad if the person next to us is so much better, she welcomes everyone whatever their ability and of course that's how it should be! So now I just don't worry about everyone else and just do the best I can!!



Absolutely get involved!!! :-) Start at the back of the class, then work your way to the front when you have reached the point of performing fancy headstands :-) You have nothing to loose, and so much to gain :-) xx



You definitely have to go, it's a great way to move your body. I have been doing yoga for many years, way before all that MS rubbish. There are many different type of yoga, some really hard and some gentle one. You have to remember that you are doing it for yourself, and only yourself. This should not be a competitive activity, you do what feels right for you and you rest when you have to, it doesn't matter if you don't do what the others are doing. I have a wobbly leg, so the standing postures have become challenging but there is a ballet bar on one side of our studio, so I always set my mat next to it and use it when I can't balance. Obviously, not all yoga studio have ballet bars, but you can position yourself close to the wall and use it to stabilise yourself. I haven't been for 2 months now because my last treatment knock me off my feet, and my teacher was away so i took a break but planning to go back tomorrow morning. I can't wait :) Enjoy your class x



I have to work very hard through December so haven't been to yoga for about 6 weeks and am really feeling it! I'm the youngest in the class and the least flexible or balanced but it makes a huge difference to my muscles, they become much more relaxed and usable! As a little bonus I think it makes me genuinely happier and more focused as well. Good luck!



If you don't yet know "Overcoming MS" google it. I went to one of their conferences in Brighton in October and one of the talks was by a yoga teacher who was in a very bad way until she did yoga. Several years on she's now healthier than she's ever been thanks to doing yoga. I started going to yoga after the conference & you just do what you can do at your own level. It's wonderful. Xxx



I LOVE Yoga! Before diagnosis, I ran 5miles every other day, did Muay Thai x3 a week and BJJ once a week and going from that to no being able to exercise for a few months (during first relapse) made me miserable! I started doing yoga at home just to feel like I was actually doing something and it turned out to be amazing. It's brilliant for keeping you calm, keeping your muscles stretched and it's brilliant for balance. I thoroughly recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I've been to a couple of public classes and didn't really enjoy them too much. I much prefer doing at home on my own in my pants haha.



Good for you"@rachaellouise.....I did it until I got so wobbly I gave up which I regret. Now I'm going to have a go with Adriene on YouTube - thanks @avox. It's brilliant for keeping supple and relaxed....mind control is useful too.xx



@nutshell88 - I've yet to look on YouTube for Adriene myself but fingers crossed it will be good. Xx



@Rachael, Go for it. The only thing I found was our original teacher (my wife and I) was a damn good one. Changed cities etc was the only reason we stopped going. Not challenging enough. I found it does help, although I do position myself near a wall - just in case :) HTH ctefehinoz



@rachaellouise. Hello..!!! I just finished my first yoga class two hours ago, and I feel absolutely fabulous. Yeh, fabulous.!!! At the start of the class I couldn't lie flat on the floor with my legs straight. My thighs and groins went into spasms, so I had to bend my knees up. By the end of the class, at the relaxation and stillness section, there I was flat out, comfortable and all muscles soft. It was an amazing feeling. I have been feeling as if my muscles have been fighting each other for months and months, my balance felt shocking, but I survived, and even received a compliment from the Tutor for being supple and coordinated. So there you go, our perceptions of our own abilities can be different from the expectations of the Tutors. I told her about my recent diagnosis of MS. She was attentive but not patronising, she suggested when I may wish to modify the exercise to suit my own needs. I couldn't have asked for more. I hope that this helps you to go for it!! As an ex-karate coach I would say one thing..... If the tutor does not ask if you have any health, or muscular-skeletal issues when you introduce yourself...walk out straight away!!! Any diligent exercise coach should be asking questions, it's not nosiness but making sure that you are protected!! Cheers Emma T