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Revitive circulation booster

With reduced mobility, my feet had become very puffy and a grisly grey colour. While I follow my physio's advice - spend maybe 30 mins a day with my feet above my heart level, wear shoes even when not going out, I just got a Christmas present that has really helped. http://www.lloydspharmacy.com/en/revitive-ix-circulation-booster-261115 I sit with my feet on the pads for 30 mins, getting a not uncomfortable tingling (I used to use FES and this is milder) and have seen huge improvements in the circulation in my feet. Happy New Year all

Oh good to know. I bought one for my puffy feet, went to the doctor to rule out any clots in legs - very important as such a machine can mobilise them and risk stroke. Was cleared of that. Had some instructions about how to start off slowly. Just couldn't manage figuring it all out with my cog - fog and never got back to it, so very good to know that you are finding it successful. I asked my GP first before I bought it if she thought it had validity or was a gimmick. She approved of it. Said it would be appropriate for me ( after convincing herself that I didn't have cots in my legs). Have kept thinking I must try it because would love to be able to fit into all my shoes again. Thanks for the feedback on it.


Yes, best to check there are no clots. It's been excellent and actually quite fun (reading while it goes through the 30 minute programme). The instructions say that you only need to set it as high as feels comfortable and effective and that may be different on different days. So far I have used it between 25 and 50 (out of 99) so there is further to go if I need it. Quite expensive but well worth it!