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I have symptoms of MS

I am a 64 yrs. old with no medical insurance. I have gradually had several unexplained physical symptoms of MS since I had a total hip almost two years ago, of course I didn’t immediately suspect MS...I have done a lot of research on every new symptom that would come along these past two years! I guess what I’m trying to get at....is where do I go from here? Do I go to my GP or try and find a Neurologist? Since my husbands unexpected death 4 years ago, I lost his health insurance. I have purchased four healthcare policies over the past four years that absolutely were completely useless, so I dropped each one, filed grievances on each one which led nowhere! I spent $84,000 out of pocket for my other healthcare issues in 2018 & 2019, from my Life Insurance my husband graciously left me. I’m not writing this to get sympathy, matter of fact I’ve never done very well with someone giving me sympathy! My question is.....without med. insurance and I’m a year away from Medicare, could or should I wait until I’m 65 or with my Life Insurance that’s dwindling down to almost nothing....should I apply for several credit cards to help me get a reputable neurologist that won’t dilly dally around and HELP me!? Please don’t reply with sarcasm! I’ve been a very angry individual these past four years! So, please don’t reply unless you’re able to give me good advice! I have so much more to my story and will write it at another time. So with that being said....Don’t judge me too quickly! I deal with sarcasm about as well as I deal with sympathy!



Hi @peggy_holman_ballinger I have noticed no one has commented yet, I am sorry i cannot offer any advice as i honestly would not even know where to start. I'm sure someone will come along with some useful advice. If you cannot see a Neuro or get medication maybe reading up on some foods / diets that could be helpful in the meantime. I do hope you get the advice and treatment you need. Stay strong 🙂



Hi @peggy_holman_ballinger . I would contact the local branch of the MS Society and see if they have any advice on accessing healthcare. Otherwise, I wouldn't consider maxing out a wallet of credit cards. This is a recipe for financial disaster. Plus, if it is MS, then the potential stress of the situation would only allow the condition to deteriorate.