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Balance problems when i gym

Does a vitmin B12 deficiency cause balance issues in people with MS? cause i saw doctor oz the other day and he said if you have balance problems then you have a B12 deficiency. and i remember a dietician mentioning that it was found that a deficiiency in B12 causes MS. anyway i put this all together after todays cross fit workout and realised i was the only one in the class that couldnt balance on a bosu ball in the cross fit class. and it got me thinking is this the b12 deficiency cause i know im fit but for some reason even people that were not as fit as me could balance better than me which rendered me looking like an incompetent person at balancing or maybe they thought im just not good enough fof the class. does this balance problem = B 12 defciency ? and is this the start of a progressive physical disability that MS people get to ? and is there something medicallly that i can and should be doing to regain my balance again ?