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New to this group and NC. Moved down here 3 weeks ago. I am on Aubagio

Looking for MS support groups and warriors in the area. I started on Aubagio in October and the last month have been experiencing numbness and electric shock in my feet and ankles. Has anyone else had similar?

Yep but could be the ms it can be hard to tell what is the ms and what are side effects of the medication/sometimes 🤷‍♀️Don’t think electric shocks are side effects but the numbness and tingling could be acerbated by the meds I know my joint pain has increased since the start of aubagio and numbness tingling in my right hand which is not my effected side but I’ve been taking it for almost 4 hrs now so again 🤷‍♀️Wish I could be of more help but ms is a snowflake condition and we all reaction differently to the medications & treatments too sadly no nothing is ‘concrete’ for any of us maybe have a chat to your ms nurse or neuro and see what other responses you get from the good peeps on here? Another thing you can do is start keeping a diary of symptoms and see if you can pick up on any patterns - good luck & take care of you & yours👍🍀💪✊🤞😊


Thank you my Nuerologist has referred me to am MS Specialist T UNC