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What lead you to your MS diagnosis?

I would like to start a thread to find out how others found out lead others to their MS diagnosis... I found out I had MS by fluke and for that I am extremely grateful! I started out with what I can only describe as ‘my own legs not feeling like my own’...I got bloods done and found out I was deficient in vitamin B12, got the injections and 6 weeks after the last one I had to get bloods done to check my B12 levels. Bloods came back and an antibody level in my bloods wasn’t right and the GP referred me to a rheumatologist to be safe. Rheumatologist sent me for an MRI on my spine, radiologist requested an MRI of my brain after the initial MRI as they noticed some lesions on my spine but at the time weren’t sure if they were tumors. Had the next MRI, rheumatologist referred me to a Nuero and I was diagnosed with MS! Let’s hear your story ❤️