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I take tysabri, I’ve taken 4 rounds of it. Back in February I had blurred vision. Now towards the end of the day my vision gets blurred. It’s annoying. Will that improve as I take tysabri more and more?

@mattkohl it might improve further, it wasnt until after id had about 6-8 doses that my vision in the affected eye went from 'all dark' to 'a glimmer of light'. can't remember if it was blurrier towards the end of the day though, maybe its affected by fatigue? its been nearly 8 years since i started with tysabri, in my experience tysabri wasnt a magic bullet for fixing optic nerve damage, it helped it improve, up to a point, i just put that down to reducing inflammation as the treatment bedded in.


Thanks! You know how it is, you look for that glimmer of light no matter your symptoms! Continue the journey with your head up! Thanks so much for the comment!