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Christina Applegate, 50, 40-POUND weight gain after MS Diagnosis

I hate that when Christina Applegate is going through a though time of it, the Daily Mail post headlines about her 40-POUND (CAPS!)weight gain. She had Breast Cancer and her breasts removed, then her ovaries & fallopian tubes removed. She has recently been diagnosed with MS. Give her a break about her god dam weight! She is here and she is fighting, she needs to be celebrated. Does this kind of headline annoy anyone else?

At 50 too, like she is letting us down, the general public have to put up with that 40lbs. It’s crazy. The “press” will never learn. How it hounds, shames, belittles, demonises people (especially women). It’s shameful. The building up to break later too…really boils my piss


Personally, I find it beneficial to avoid any stories reported by the daily fail to avoid been permanently outraged 😊