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pregnancy and MS

Hi all, I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and looking for advice on how to avoid flare-ups post partum. Still awaiting diagnosis (although most recent neurologist seems on the ball, so hopefully more tests and diagnosis soon) so not currently on any medication, but 90% sure I've got MS. My last flare up was Feb (optic neuritis) and I'm not keen on repeating the experience with a newborn, so just wondered if anyone had any advice on how to reduce the chances of this? Thanks in advance!

Certainly your body is adjusting for weeks/months after delivery and your body chemistry changes. I don’t know whether that means that there is any greater likelihood of a flare up of MS. I think this is a good question for your neurologist. Perhaps there are things you can do. I know during periods of high stress or low sleep, my symptoms are worse…so if you can try to get your sleep while baby is sleeping that would be ideal. Easier said than done. I wonder what has prevented your doctor from making a diagnosis. For me, the spinal tap test was determinative. Perhaps, talk to your doctor about what can be done to expedite your assessment for MS. You may not have it. But if you do, you likely want to be on disease modifying treatment as soon as medically recommended.


Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 A lot of research indicates you're less like to get flare ups during pregnancy, but more likely in the 3 months post partum. Also discussed this with the neurologist, which is why she's keen on getting the tests done. The diagnosis is taking a while simply because of how long the wait times are for things like MRIs and lumbar punctures. I've also moved regions during this time so there's been some disconnect with results etc. I was told it can take up to 3 years from a flare up to get a diagnosis so we're still early days I guess. Hopefully I'll hear something soon though.