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Lack of sleep vs symptoms

I've recently noticed that my 'bad days' correspond with my nights of particularly poor sleep. Easier to fatigue, even worse balance, that kind of thing the next day. Fatigue to me is muscles stopping working as opposed to feeling tired. Anyone else get this?

100%, yes! There is NO MORE staying up late for me because it is not worth the price I pay the next day. Fortunately, I usually sleep solid. But if I’m up past 9pm or if I have a restless night, I know first thing in the morning that I may not feel well enough to get a shower and head out of the house. Also, I NAP every day for 2hours each afternoon. This has been necessary daily for over a couple years! (That sounds ridiculous, but my fatigue has made it absolutely necessary). On just a couple of occasions I have tried to push through without this nap and it isn’t long before my head is dizzy, eyes are hurting, body feels stronger icy cold burning and my fatigue is through the roof. And you are right, it’s not that I am “sleepy”, it is more a coping mechanism to deal with the exhaustion. If you often have trouble sleeping, you should talk to you doctor. I do take Klonopin at night and it helps me sleep solid without feeling groggy in the am. Wishing you more good days than bad!


@Criscross21 Thank you, and wishing you consistent rest, too! I'll have a talk about Klonopin next time I see my neuro / MS Nurse.