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Another relapse?

Hi all, I'm currently awaiting treatment - not due to see the consultant again until 9th November to discuss which DMT I'll be having. In the meantime, I've had my course of steroids to treat the relapse, and GP following up with 60mg Duloxetine as recommended by neurologist. Over the last 2 weeks, I've noticed symptoms I've had during this year are getting worse again - tingling in hands and feet is worse, MS hug is unbearable, and my skin is crawling. I've also started to lose more sensation in my legs, and they are very restless which is how this relapse started. Im speaking to my GP tomorrow, but should I be asking for anything in particular? Is there a drug which might help me more? Or should I contact my MS nurse and try and get my appointment bought forward? Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated, it's all driving me mad still!



@lealea78 , yes, contact your MS Nurse primarily. They should be your first point of contact for all things MS-related.