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Baclofen MS hug

Hello, so last 4 weeks I have had dizziness. I went to relapse clinic got meythl pred, have dreadful side effects to the point my skin is painful. Muscles spasms frequently so GP has started me on baclofen has anyone had any experience of baclofen? Do they help I’m desperate this pain is immense along with Ms hug 😫

Hi, @Lauraloo41 . MS Trust has some info here: https://mstrust.org.uk/a-z/baclofen-lioresal-lyflex. I hope you feel better soon.


I was on bacolfen 6 months before i was diagnosed in 2018 and for about 3 years after initially on low dose (5mg twice a day) i found that it helped alot with spasms that stopped during use and my hug that was barely noticeable. Hope it helps you find the relief you need x