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Are you a MSer in the US? Want to support others?

Are you living in the US & looking for a way to give back to the MS community? Are you interested in supporting a newly diagnosed MSer when they need you most? We believe no MSer should face diagnosis alone. The Buddy Network brings together MSers in a time of need, providing opportunities to expand their network and receive support from someone who lives with MS and really gets it. As the Shift.ms community grows, more and more newly diagnosed MSers are joining from the US. You can help to provide support by becoming a Buddy, as someone who has had MS for a few years and remembers how confusing and scary that first year after diagnosis was. Interested? Please complete this form: https://shift.ms/get-involved/volunteer If you'd like to know a little more, here is the role profile: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eSw0odse1qhYGAHEa8FiIzzrpOa3MY1w2sF40kwyi-I/edit If you decide to get involved, please complete the form and I will be in touch to talk more about the Buddy Network. Take care, Kelly

Me!!!!! Hopefully you’ve received all of my paperwork for The Buddy Network. I did have a weird glitch when downloading & sending back my required docs. I’ll follow up with an email to make sure. Thanks so much!!!


Hi @MaryTexas66 - welcome aboard - I can confirm you are now an official Buddy. I look forward to working with you. :-)