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Hi Everyone, stumbled (no pun intended):-) across the site by accident so decided, being nosy as I am,to have a look. I am so pleased I did, Ive been reading the forum and the support and guidance on here is Epic! Look forward to chatting over the coming hours,days,weeks,months I was diagnosed in 2015 with RRMS after 2 long years of relapses and a failed Tecfadera plan they have finally got it right with copaxone and pre gablin. Currently feeling good apart from insomnia but if that's all I have at the minute I will take it,as we are all well aware, tomorrow is a completely new ball game. Katherine x United Kingdom



Hello @kathy_coyne_bebbington and welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time on here.



@kathy_coyne_bebbington hi and welcome, this is a great place for answers and support when you need it



Hello @kathy_coyne_bebbington, welcome to this very special club! Take a look at the map function and see if there are any fellow-scousers in your area. Also, for anything specific, a keyword in the search box will throw up posts on that topic. Enjoy! :-)



@ kathy_coyne_bebbington , "stumbled (no pun intended):-) across the site"!! Stumbling is my role!! But, I thought I should say hello. 😄