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I am not sure where to go with this. My partner has really struggled with my diagnosis, no longer feels attracted to me and while they want to stay together they are clearly emotionally and sexually checked out. They are very caring towards me but the romance and sexualness is gone. I think if they weren't afraid of the hurt of breaking up, then they would choose a different path forward. Has anyone else had this? Or something similar.

I don’t know what to say but my heart was breaking for you reading your post and just wanted to send you some support hopefully someone will reply who has some sound advice soon but there are places you can go for support you could ask your GP for counciling and the ms trust & ms society have info/links about relationship advice and there is a charity via instagram & Facebook called MS Together that may also be a good place for support - Take care of you always 🫂🧡🤝


Thank you, I am ok-ish with it I would prefer it wasn't an issue, but at least it is showing up now. I asked my partner to go to therapy months ago and discuss it, but they managed to go to therapy and still avoid it. I am in therapy, and I know that I would rather be single than feel like I am a safe bet for someone.