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Do lesions heal/recover?

I know there isnt a cure for MS yet (trying to speak positively and hopefully there will be one soon). But can your lesions heal/recover or disappear ? I’m very new to this MS life and im trying to learn more. Also with flare ups and relapses do those symptoms tend to stop at some point? I know everyone is different so this is a general question thanks. Any advice or info would be appreciated

Hi Jordan, yes they can "heal" . But the word lesion means scars, but some leave scars on our brain/spine and that's when we have longer lasting effects. Is what I've been told. Hope that helps you some.


My Dr told me that once they're done 'demiling' the brain does heal, it may take months, or years and it may be 100% recovery or partial, but yes they do heal. That's one of the first questions I asked too!