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Tysabri and cbd oil

Hi can anyone tell me is it safe to take cbd oil whilst on tysabri ? Thanks Jenny

@jennyaa , wow, that's a niche question if ever I heard one! My logic suggests that it should not cause a problem as it's a plant-based product. There are a handful of stories like this :- http://www.peachtreenorml.org/cannabis-testimonials-2/i-continue-to-use-the-benefits-of-the-cbd-oil-to-treat-both-my-pain-and-my-lack-of-appetite that suggest that it's OK. I doubt if you would find a medical opinion on this subject, so it might have to be a question of trying it out for yourself............


I take CBD oil on Gilenya, it doesn't really interfere with other medications and is generally well tolerated from what I've heard/read.