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I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor before getting ill!

I’m Jayne from Devon, U.K.!! Please do gentle exercises!!!!!! I have ms 14 years now 2PMS! I was a personal trainer before getting ill!! NOW I teach my fellow msers seated/lying/standing only workouts on (U.K. )YouTube “Multiple Sclerosis Fitness with Jayne MSer & Warrior “. I fully understand limitations you all have , as I have them! I’m housebound as my walking/balance poor! My aim is to encourage, inspire and teach what is so good for us !!!!! The body will seize up & ms symptoms exacerbate if body is not worked ! Exercise improves fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility, gait, posture, balance, coordination, circulation, spasisity, pain, fatigue, falls, weight and mood💋please do it!!💋💋 https://youtu.be/lcY557muIL4

@Jaynemozza , thanks for pointing us to what seems like a valuable resource.


Hey thanks for responding to Silverlining 1 my daughter was into exercise and did take classes . I agree it is important to do as much as you can physically .... it's good you are encouraging everyone how important it is .....