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UTI - antibiotics and steroids?

Hi Everyone! I'm currently traveling (in the USA) - just attended ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS which was amazing! I go back to Australia on Thursday. So question(and problem). I have my first UTI in 8 months. The last UTI I had triggered a relapse sending my EDSS from 4 to 6, so I'm not keen for a repeat performance. Have started antibiotics, but has anyone used low dose steroids post a UTI to reduce risk of relapse? Just a thought I had, and willing to try it if it helps! (Though not if people have been told contrary) Cheers Jas

@JasFromTas , a UTI, or any infection, can cause a "Pseudo-relapse". This will cause your MS symptoms to flare up, but this isn't a real relapse. Clear the UTI, or underlying infection, and things should quickly return to where they were. Steroids shouldn't be required if the infection is treated with anti-biotics fairly quickly.


Ditto what @stumbler says. Also, Steroids are immunosuppressive & may make it harder to heal the UTI- healing is most important as UTIs (especially frequent ones) can lead to kidney infections, even blood infections (sepsis). Drink tons of water & take it easy. We all hope you feel better soon :) Hope you had a great experience at A/E!