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Thoughts on Cladribine - (Mavenclad)

Hi, everyone I was wondering if anybody has any information on their cladribine - (Mavenclad) experience and any side effects? What are your experiences/side effects when taking Cladribine(Mavenclad)? How are your long- ter experience//side effects when finishing the course of treatment? Thank you :)

I used Cladribine before. Before I start I should say that my MS is very active and up to now I tried 5 different meds. Getting back to Cladribine, as you may know you take it during two years. The first year you have the pills for a week and then you don’t need it until next year. The second year you do the same process and then they expect you to be relapse free for four years. I didn’t have any side effects which was great. I wish the treatment was working longer for me as they said 4 years after second dose but my MS is very active and after 3 years I had relapses and had to start Kesimpta


I started Mavenclad 4 weeks ago. Tomorrow I begin year one week 5. So far so good.