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Optic neuritis

Hello, I was hoping to find out more about others experience with optic neuritis and how long it has tended to last? Is there anything that helps? I've had the condition for a good few months now and I'm worried that it will have lasting damage to my vision? I'm currently in the process of officially being diagnosed with MS. My MRI results have shown indicators however, only discussed with the Ophthalmologist who ordered the scan. Awaiting an appointment with a Neuro-ophthalmologists to discuss further. Any help or advice greatly appreciated! Thanks

Hi there @HeatherG from a fellow optic neuritis sufferer. My own personal experience is that it's been with me for 11 years now in my right eye. This doesn't mean that it will be the same for you, it can clear. The sooner you can get an appointment with neurology the better. As for anything that helps, I wear glasses just with plain lenses no prescription on them with a blacked out right lens. I wear them when I watch TV and on the computer, as blocking the right eye completely helps me to be able to focus.


I've had Optic Neuritis and it was that, that led to my diagnosis. I had it for quite a few months. Started in September 2018. My vision is 80% normal. Can still feel it when I don't wear my glasses. Car headlights and bright sunshine is a nightmare for me. When I had my last eye test at the opticians, my Optic nerve is now damaged. Everyone is different though. You might be ok