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Lesions without symptoms?

Anyone else have 20+ lesions and minimal symptoms? It’s causing me a lot of anxiety for the future. Or am I just lucky (not sarcasm, I understand that it’s lucky I have minimal symptoms).

I've had minimal symptoms since diagnosed early in 2017. Had what was probably my first "flare up" this Christmas but have now minimal symptoms once again. I too do feel very (very!) lucky but at the same time it's all mental then instead and I'm worried what _might_ happen. I really should try to live more here and now. I've started on that road but have a long way to go. But the flare up was "good" wake up call in that it got me going. New hospital, new doctor, new MRI and so on and stoped living in denial. But yeah, we might be lucky but the anxiety can really get to you. So get up and out and about and live more in the moment I'd say 😊


There is no direct correlation between lesion load and disability. You can be ‘lucky’ and not have them affecting significant areas. There is nothing lucky about MS imho. Additionally, there is no correlation between initial lesion load and the severity of the way MS develops. For someone to suggest there is a light load on diagnosis means the MS will take an easier course is incorrect. That is a research backed remark, not my personal opinion.