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Botox and menstrual cycle

Hello, I wondered if there any other women on here that have experienced their menstrual cycle stopping after having Botox treatment for the bladder? Many thanks, Hannah

@hannah82 , obviously, I haven't experienced this, although I do have Botox treatment for my bladder. I just can't see how it would/should affect your cycle. Unless, they went awry with their Botox needle! Have a word with your MS Nurse and see if they can provide an answer. If you could update this post when you get an answer...............? This may prove useful to others. Thanks :wink:


Hi @stumbler, I've had a couple of experiences in which drug treatment has stopped my menstrual cycle. I wondered if it might the same with Botox due to some kind of hormonal change in my body, or even anxiety before and after the procedure. The latter has certainly disrupted my menstrual cycle in the past, too. Thanks