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Need feed back on Suprapubic Catheter

11/10/17 I had a Suprapubic Catheter put in. The bladder spazums are intense!! Not only that I have the feeling of being stabbed with a knife in the vagina. My Urologist has not promised a light at the end of this very painful tunnel. I have not been told this is normal or abnormal. I'm worried. This is nuts.

Hi @glasshalffull247 and welcome. I'm sorry that you are have to go through these complications. If the Urologist is not promising any light at the end of the tunnel then you should potentially be considering a second opinion. I can imagine that the body/bladder will take a certain amount of time to accept this new addition. But, what steps have they taken to try and diagnose these problems?


@glasshalffull247 I was wondering how you are doing with catheter. Thinking of having one fitted soon