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strange symptoms

Yesterday I had the strangest symptoms, I was talking to someone when I experienced a sudden head rush/ tingling and my bottom jaw started twitching uncontrollably and I wouldn't finish my sentence, followed by a weak feeling rushing down my arms, after wards I was really shaky with an elevated blood pressure/ pulse and generally off kilter. I went to my doctor immediately but they had no diagnosis other than an MS relapse and have put me on a massive steroid dose. I know that no medical diagnosis can be provided on this site but I wonder if anyone has experience anything similar

@fi70 , I don't believe that a standard GP would be best placed to determine what is an MS relapse. I do hope he performed the usual checks, e.g. blood pressure. What dosage of steroids did they put you on and for how long?


I had my blood pressure measured at work by our nurse so the doc didn't do it again, he did a variety of test checking my retinas, reflex and strength test. I am on 500 mg per day for 5 days. I do find it slightly frustrating that many symptoms are always put down to MS, to be honest at the time of this attack I thought I might be having a stroke which has left me feeling pretty anxious, but I did see my GP within about an hour and a half of the inccident so have to have faith that if anything more sinister was the cause they would have sent me to hospital. I have lived with MS for over 10 years and have experienced many unusual episodes which may mot be considered classic MS symptoms but because it is different for all MSs it is difficult to know