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Marriage / relationships and MS

Hi there! Is anyone else struggling with your relationships after the diagnosis? I personally feel that Ms changed me a lot and my wife seems to miss the person I was… and that I will never be again. Also, sometimes I feel “flat” like my emotions are not fully out, I think Ms changed that too. Very painful tbh.

Massively!! it is going to take time for YOU to get to grips with the future and for THEM to rescope what a future will be like together. Just give each other space and time. You wont believe me now but this changes very little at all when it comes to your love. You'll get on meds - do speak to your specialist about low moods... i got put on sertraline and it popped me back up again very quickly. What takes time is getting used to the 'new you' and that means for both of you.


ditto @Gortz and that said I dont think its was immediately apparent but it is over time.