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Has anyone ever took BACLOFEN 10 MG TABLET? I'm still going through the process of starting Mayzent, but after telling my doctor about the feeling I was feeling after my workouts, he suggest this medicine to help with my stiffness in my left side of my arm and leg. It's like I can move it and feel it, it's just a weird tough feeling.

@dalex , Baclofen is the "go-to remedy" for muscle stiffness/spasticity. It's a muscle relaxant, with 10mg being a starting dose. However, you need to find the dose that works for you. Enough to relieve the stiffness, but not too much to relax the muscles to the point of weakness.


I take 4 bacolfen times a day also amitriptyline and conzapen they all help a little had a flare-up a couple weeks ago wasn't good