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How to deal with the the world having normal life

How do you cope with everyone having their own family and growing up to have a life Im turning mid 40s abd most of my time taken up trying to cope and fight or survive having ms Its just not fair and so intoxicating How do you deal with the fact i feel like a grocery item left on a shelf forgotten sadly its my birthday tommorrow Normally id be excited I dont feel anything

I'm, in may way, in kind of the same situation where everybody around me have "normal" lives and I'm the odd one out that never got it all together. I try to fill my life with stuff I enjoy such as art and music but that feels kinda weak when I look at my friends that get to experience, for example, being dads. Sorry for not having a positive response but just wanted to say that you're not alone feeling like this. I do wish you a happy birthday tomorrow though!


I cope by being grateful for what i do have, yes am single, I have ms and spend alot of time on my own but yes also blessed i am dad but not apicture perfect family but it dont matter aslong as my kids r loved,, I have my children on weekend and then it's back to being on my own, for the rest of the week, I cope because have so many friends and family who never made it to 40 ,if you want to be mum go have kid time is running out, or adopt it don't have to be husband wife, plenty of strong independent single mums out there. Bring the bar down have that kid ask friend to help, just get it done, no fear in niceiest possible way. Have a kid your be a perfect Mum 🤞