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MRI Frequency UK

Hi everyone. Just wondering how often I should have a MRI Uk when on Ocrevus? I am due another dose of Ocrevus in March. Should I have an MRI prior? Not sure. Thanks

Yes you will have another mri a week before hand well mine normally is as in on dame treatment and in the UK x


hi, in the UK, I think it's prescribed in guidance MRI is once a year, head only. Or if a clear relapse takes place an MRI head and or spine should also be done. The timing has.nothing to do with treatment timing. It's part of the evidence base for the annual review. The other relevant bit is although it's assumed by patients MRI show all.ofnthe brain.. as far as I know MRI does not show all the brain matter or damage, as I understand it about 50% is visible, the rest is not? And in addition many MRI machines are old and provide poor images at best.. If anyone could share a medical view or evidence about on this it would be helpful 🙏