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Mouth numbness

How long did it last for you? The whole left side of my mouth is completely numb and it's really getting me down. Every morning I wake up and I check to see if its numb. My lips, my cheek and all inside the left side of my mouth. I've had steroids 3 weeks ago for 4 days but it's not helped. Please don't tell me this is here to stay cause I can't cope with it. 6 weeks already! 😭😭😭
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Direct messaging you but thought I'd pop a reply here to help anyone else experiencing this too. The nerves and muscles in your mouth must work with your brain so if there are mixed up nerve signals and sensory distortions going on this could be the cause. Is it here to stay? Unfortunately, that's an impossible question to answer but you might be experiencing a relapse and this symptom could well be temporary. For that, only time will tell, as some relapses can last for months. If the numbness starts to become an issue with chewing, eating or speaking then your GP would be the person to reach out to, as not being diagnosed I'm guessing you won't have a nurse as such. x