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Any secondary teachers out there?

Howdy folks! Do any secondary teachers out there have some practical tips for managing fatigue during the school day? I'm exhausted by the end of the day! Thanks in advance.

@cathywatson , I can't offer you any personal advice on teaching, but I just wanted to applaud you for the job that you do. Teaching, in this day and age, can't be easy, but where would we be without you and your colleagues. Just a general piece of advice, as you're aware, fatigue can be a major issue for most of us. Management of fatigue is all about planning and factoring in regular breaks, where we can just switch off, even just for a few minutes, to shut our eyes, blank our mind and put our brain into standby. See if there are any useful tips in this handy book from the MS Trust, http://support.mstrust.org.uk/file/living-with-fatigue.pdf .


I am a Nurse and used to teach medical assisting long split hours but to help myself from getting too fstigued i take blankets and nap at lunch in my car. Just that hour is so helpful. In my new job I do the same thing