No Sex Drive An Issue

Hello there MSer's , My name is Carri and I have been diagnosed with MS since 2004. I am on Provigil, Effexor and I take Gileyna daily. My issue is that being Married going on 19 years this month I just have completely no sex drive. I have numbness sometimes when my husband tries to romance me. Does anyone else have this issue. I know that I can't be the only one. Being 42 years old I feel as if I should be in my prim and I'm not. Does anyone know what (if anything) I can do to change this? I mean they have all those advertisements out there for MEN what about Women. Is there a strain of THC that will give me a sex drive? I have open ears for any kind of advice. Thanks for letting me share this embarrassing issue. May everyone enjoy there day. Carri

Do you mean physical numbness? If so, I've been there! Private message me if you want to chat.x


Hi @carri_duffy_crosbie. Please don't think that men have a number of medications to address the male version of this problem. These might appear to be resolving our problems, but I can assure you it isn't that straightforward at all. But, here's a booklet about this problem, with suggestions and advice. It's produced by a UK charity, but I believe MS, sex and related problems cross international borders quite easily :- And, yes, you are in your prime. And, as it's your time, you should be enjoying yourself without restriction. MS is just a cruel condition to affect all of us in the way it does. But, please try and get your mindset in the right place. Believe that you are attractive and desirable and allow yourself to feel this power. If your brain can't get "in the zone", then your body won't follow. Good luck and I wish you success in your quest.