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Newly Diagnosed

Hi Everyone! Released from hospital only yesterday with the diagnosis of RRMS. MDT panel meet in 2 weeks and will be letting me know my therapy course. Getting myself fully informed of how this is going to affect mine and my families life moving forward. Having a community like this will be really helpful!! CB x

@Butlercl Hello. I really like your outlook on getting yourself fully informed about MS. I did the same thing after my diagnosis, and for the same reasons really. I wanted to know exactly what MS was going to entail for myself and my family. I had heard of MS before but had absolutely no idea about what it was or what it meant. It's good to have you on board!


Your approach seems really positive! Well done! Arming myself with as much knowledge as possible definitely helped me! I really hope that things go smoothly for you! 🤞🏻xx