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Depression/Relationship Troubles

The depression comes in waves for me. I hit lows that I never thought possible. Between the fatigue, pain and other symptom's I feel like I can never get a break. My marriage has suffered the most and my wife just feels like a roommate at this point. I don’t know what to do to get the motivation back that I once had.

Hi BurntOutRoach. I understand how you feel. I find that I have days where my energy levels are below tectonic plates. Communication is key. Have a chat, write an email, send a text, write a letter, draw a picture, create a montage of photos, write a list of words, listen to music together, that you can share with your wife, with 2 sides, which reminds you of where you want to be, but also honestly where you are now. Sometimes hubby gets home and I barely have enough energy to say goodnight, but sometimes I can have energy in the morning for 5 minutes to talk with him.


Good luck