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Just saying hello!

Hi I’m Belinda, often known as Belle. I am turning 67 in 2 weeks (yikes!) and developed PPMS at the age of 48. I am now a permanent wheelchair user with no movement except in my right arm and forearm for which I am daily grateful! I have been an MS Buddy for a few weeks and am enjoying communicating with another MSer. How many of you here have PPMS? We are a fairly rare breed I know but I’m curious to know. Hope you’re having a good day today. Keep safe



Hi @belle. Welcome to the group. I have RRMS at the moment. I hope you can find your people here. So far this forum has been really useful for me. Especially through these covid times.



Hello welcome to the forum



Hello @wlecome @Belle46, I have RRMS but my sister has PPMS, she is 45. There are quite a few folk on here with PPMS. I hope you're having a good day :-)



Happy Birthday to you! I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2004 and just recently found the shift.ms cite. I’m glad that you have a MS buddy. I’ve found that people are willing to share a number of personal experiences that are very similar to each other. I hope you get to do something fun to celebrate your birthday. God bless you and keep you safe! Keep writing to this group and you’ll have many friends in no time.



Hi @Belle46. Welcome to the group. I have RRMS and was diagnosed in 2015. I’m sure there are others to connect with, but if not we’re always here for a quick chat. Take care.



SRMS I think so far for me. You have a great attitude! Glad you are here!



Hello Belle, I’ve got PPMS and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I’m not on any treatment and still work full time from home. My mobility is variable and I use a stick or walking poles outside the house. My distances and endurance are reducing, and I’m constantly adapting to try and keep going! This site is a great place for learning from others, and keeping the motivation going. I hope you find it helpful. Have a good day!




Hi Belle. I’m a newbie here and with ms. As far as I know I’ve got prms or ppms. I was only diagnosed in February 2020 but don’t seem to relapse. Feel like I’m trapped in thick fog and can’t see forward. Mobility is very low. I’m on ocrevus but feel worse if anything. Possible other problems having a large bearing. Have yourself a great day. Mark.




Thanks guys it’s so great to meet you all!