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Covid & Antivirals

Just thought it was worth sharing my experience in case anyone (in the UK) is unfortunate enough to catch Covid now that it's doing the rounds again. I did a lateral flow test as soon as I felt unwell (high temperature, headache etc) and got straight on to 111 when I got my positive Covid result. They referred me to another team who prescribed antivirals via my local hospital. A day after first taking the antivirals, I started to feel better. It was a 5 day course and I can't imagine how rough I'd have been without them!! So my two lessons learnt... 1) No matter how many vaccines you've had, Covid is still around and can still get you! 2) We can call 111 to access antivirals which are an amazing help on the road to recovery!

Thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling better? All the best.


I'm all better now thanks. Wasn't a great week, but a lot easier to handle with the antivirals!