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Carnivore Diet

Going to start my journey soon after getting rid of nicotine and gluten. This will be with only beef and grass fed, grass finished. Any body who's tried this?

Have you heard of the Overcoming MS diet? Just thought I’d share it with you in case you aren’t aware of it. I have followed it since shortly after being diagnosed and I think it has helped my symptoms. Before when I used to eat cake/sausages, my symptoms would flare up. There is increasing evidence that a diet low in saturated fat is helpful for people with MS. I also take Vitamin D 4000 IU daily as this is beneficial for MS. You may find this webinar useful: https://overcomingms.org/exclusive-resources/past-webinars/diet-ms-what-evidence-tells-us


I did the diet, seen remarkable improvement. N-acetyl cysteine from the meat inhibits TNFa and vegetable toxins are excluded eliminating LPS, yeast, or lectins to get to the brain or cause a leaky gut. I recommend the carnivore diet to anyone that is willing to limit toxins in their diet for the sake of their health during this disease.