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Private prescription for Sativex UK

I'm currently taking baclofen and amitriptyline for stiffness and neuro pain. I've enquired about sativex with my nurse, but told it's very unlikely it would be funded. I'd like to try it just to see if it is better than what I'm taking because I'm having to increase my dosage of both to deal with increasing symptoms. Have any of you obtained a private prescription for Sativex? If so, who do I go to? Can any of you point me to a private neurologist who could prescribe it? Many thanks.

Believe it or not I managed to get an NHS prescription. It’s now NICE guidelines so in theory you should be able to get it but it is complicated still. So you have to meet the criteria (I think it’s resistive spastivity) then I think it’s a post code lottery as to whether your region will fund it. So in my situation my neurologist/ms team would not prescribe it but after a few trips to my gp and quite a bit of assertive persuasion he prescribed it. So if your neurologist didn’t then try gp. Otherwise if you want to get it privately you don’t need neurologist just and private gp (check local private hospital) then letter from your neurologist to say you can have it privately. Sorry v complicated!


Also have you had it? I thought it was equivalent to skunk strength!